An amazing turn of events!

January 30, 2024

My recent import was loosing condition on a premium brand and his poops were always soft. Just by chance, one evening I gave him a big handful from a packet I happened to win at a dog show. Next day I was stunned to find a perfectly normal firm poop! Same day I went onto the website of this previously unfamiliar brand and I ordered 4 bags which were delivered 2 days later by Paulo himself and we talked. Grom is now 100% on VSN as are quite a few of my other dogs and supplemented with the VSN collagen. In only a month I am seeing improvements and have referred family, friends and even my vet to now stock VSN. A quality product at half the cost. Delivery to my door and outstanding customer service. It’s a no brainer. Happy dogs very happy customer. Thank you team VSN

Debbi de Jong

Happiest babies

January 29, 2024

Can’t be more happy with the quality and service from VSN. With other dog food my babies were not happy but now they hunt me down for chow time.

To add to that my garden is cleaner because of less mess.


Best dog food, best service!

January 3, 2024

My Scottie was battling with severe ear infection and skin allergy, since we start using VSN, we saw a big difference after 3 to 4 days! You can’t beat VSN service! They are just to good and helpful, went out of their way for my order!



November 23, 2023

I have been feeding my doggies for the last five years or so with VSN. The dogs love the food and their vitality and health improved noticeably after a week, as did the condition of their coats. and I love VSN equally as much, because they deliver so conveniently to my home or work. Not only that, their prices are very reasonable for excellent quality food . And they really go the extra mile to assist, with an informative website. I highly recommend VSN

Joanne Bissett

Skin Issues - What skin issues

November 20, 2023

Ruark ,

our 6 year old Irish Wolfhound has battled for years with skin allergies , we have tried every food under the sun , every medication the Vets could suggest but with only short term relief . We even considered removing all the grass off the property, BUT that was when we heard about VSN and we thought what the hell ,its worth a try . Premium quality dog food but not at the premium dog food prices , what a bonus . Ruark has been on VSN for some time now – No Itching , No Scratching , No chewing of his feet ,No red tummy. He is a new dog , a happier dog and we are happier owners , no more cortisone injections or harmful drugs.

the only supplement we give his is VSN’s Collagen as he does suffer with arthritis and this has also worked wonders for our special child. Since we have had him on VSN we have told all our friends and family about this food and we have convinced everyone to give it a try. Every single one of them are now feeding VSN as apposed to the other Premium brands that the were feeding before. To the team at VSN we wish to thank you for your passion that you have put into your products and for your professional service and advice. Paulo you are a Legend .

Glen Harvey

Great value

October 27, 2023

Was spending nearly R1000 on another brand of dog food a month and my Ridgeback Courteney was always scratching herself, a friend suggested I try the VSN food and it’s stopped, her coat is shiny and bonus is the Jack Russell loves it too.

One type and fantastic value as well as prompt delivery to my house is a bonus.

Werner de villiers

My Senior Boy loves VSN

October 27, 2023

Dear Paulo, Sinah (My Senior Husky of 16year old) would like to thank you for introducing this amazing product to him. He has been a little off lately and its been hard to get him to eat. I have cooked, Pumpkin, Rice, Chicken Breasts, you name it, nothing worked to get his appetite back to normal. We went to the Vet a couple of times, all good, just completely went off his food. You delivered his first batch of VSN yesterday together and I am happy to report, he has had 4x meals without a hassle and without any added Chicken / Rice or Pumpkin since you dropped off his food. I can only thank you for helping my old boy and can assure you, we will be back. Since I own a Dog Hotel, I will definitely be introducing your product to our clients, I do believe they will all have the same reaction as me and my Sinah. Thanks to you and your Team

Christina Dos Santos

VSN, my babies love it!!!

October 24, 2023

Lily – Yorkie Princess (3), Harley – our Chug (7), Cotton – my Granny (18)

VSN has done wonders for my 3 treasures. I have been using VSN for 3 years and would never give them any other food. It has given them a spring in their step and they are all so healthy. Thank you Paulo


CH Fleetwind Born in the Fast Lane aka ASTON the Saluki

October 19, 2023

Aston, a pure bred show Saluki, just stopped eating his previous VET branded food.

After trying various other brands of food, I was told about VSN and their product.

By this time Aston had lost 4 KGS of body weight and that for a saluki is major weight loss. I was at my wits end, as I didn’t know what else I could do to get him to eat.

I was told to try the VSN product and I’m now very thankful I was. Aston started eating straight away and never had any tummy issues with the immediate change over. Aston has been on the VSN product for approximately 8 weeks now, eating well and has gained a whole KG of body weight. What a proud moment when I saw the scale going up.

VSN is now what I am feeding both Aston and his sister Khal, who has also gained a whole 2 KGS, so VSN is our way moving forward!!!!

Give VSN a try for your FUR KIDS, I did and the results have been KG wise.

Candice Purcell

My German Shepherds are always In the best shape thanks to VSN

September 15, 2023

We have been feeding all 4 my dogs VSN for more than 6 years and every time I take my 3 German Shepherds to the Vet for inoculations or to donate blood, the staff at the veterinary always compliment us on the health of our dogs and how beautiful their fur is.

Thanks VSN and keep up the quality.


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Hi VSN Team

Thought I would introduce you to two of your original fans – Bomba and Vida.  They absolutely love VSN and won’t go without.  No more adding gravy or bits of our supper to get them to eat their food since we got them onto VSN.

We recently had to take Bomba (the staffie) to the vet for an injury he incurred and after examining and diagnosing him, the vet actually asked my husband “What are you feeding him? He looks amazing!” I think this is an amazing testament to the nutritional value of VSN.  For a vet who treats animals every day and sells the big dog food brands to ask a customer this question is truly indicative of how amazing VSN really is.

All our love –  Bomba and Vida (And mom and dad too)


“Just wanted to give you feedback on the food.

So I fed them this morning AND OH MY GOSH! They gobbled all the food down in a few minutes!

We have 2 ridgebacks and our female prefers eating at night and our male prefers eating in the morning. They had no problem in eating every last biscuit in their bowls today! I know that they love the smaller cat kibble so not sure if they think they are getting this as a treat or what, but clearly the taste, size, everything is a thumbs up… or should I say paw up 😉

We only landed late last night and my helper fed them and said the same that she did not have to wait long for our boy to eat his food like usual, it was devoured in minutes.

So thanks very much and I will definitely be buying again!”   Paula


“At the time I made the switch, both my dogs were on different foods. Cody (9 years old) was on Pedigree and Zach (17months) was on Eukanuba.

They both had no trouble in the transition or digesting VSN food. It was definitely an easy transition. It’s really amazing how beautiful my dogs coats are, they are really healthy and happy dogs.

Both my dogs suffered dry skin, after I have changed their food to VSN, there is no more dry skin. Cody is not recognizable to my family now as he’s looking so healthy. Zach Loves his food so much that we use his food for his training…..

VSN has been the best decision that I made for my doggies. It’s really an excellent food…..”    Devika


“The service that I got from VSN was polite, efficient, very quick!
The delivery, fast and they did what they said they would do. They delivered.
The VSN packaging, excellent, hermetically sealed, foil pack, nice. Pity it hasn’t got a zip-lock!

The food! Well, this VSN must be good!

There were no winds or embarrassing sounds from hell; no mind numbing gaseous vapours that normally asphyxiate a full-grown man at thirty paces, or more…. Definitely a plus factor!
We followed the suggested method in changing our dogs – a Golden Retriever, A Chow cross Border Collie, and a Dachshund – over from High-Price Dog Food to VSN.
No problem, none whatsoever.

In a word; Great!”   Chris


“Have already ordered – website is very user friendly so figured it out quick quick!
Thanks for the chat earlier and looking forward to reporting great things soon!!
Have a great day!!”    Liesl

“Wow! Your service is excellent.
The two bags of food arrived at my wife’s work place on Thursday. The delivery company was spot-on. Their tracking system works!”   Chris


“After a week on VSN we noticed a change!
It wasn’t in their overall condition, nor the output of meadow muffins, we noticed a change in their demeanour!
The three of them no longer guts their dinner down, which was their norm. They’ve also stopped snooping around, as if they’re still hungry, after having been fed.
This constant hunger has worried us for some time now. We’re convinced that the nutritional value of the food our dogs were getting hasn’t been quite what one would have expected it to be. Now you know why we opted to try VSN!

VSN certainly has proved itself. Yes, we will be using it, we’re making the change!”    Chris


“I cannot get over my dogs, the best news is that Nala at the age of 13 years – is literally a changed dog! Her coat looks absolutely amazing – thick and healthy – and she has been so incredibly spritely and full of the joys of life! She overnight has loads of energy and is eating far more than before. Bella – well, she is loving her food and from 17h00 now starts reminding us that it is time for her food!! Her allergies have disappeared and we have not had to give her allergex or prednisone or ear drops since she started on the food! She hardly scratches anymore and is also maintaining her weight – which was something we were concerned about. So – all in all – we are super-excited and thrilled with finding your amazing food. I have been passing on the good news to everyone and I think my sister also ordered…?

So, from us, an enormous thanks for changing the lives of both our precious dogs!”  Di


“Thank you for very good quality food. My dogs seem to love it as there is nothing left after feeding time. My Labrador even gets excited in the mornings in this is only the 3rd day that I have been feeding them VSN.

They also seem to have more energy. I will still be looking out for my Jack Russell as he has food allergies, but so far so good.

I am very impressed with this and will be recommending it to my sister as well as my mother.

Thank you very much. My dogs are a very important part of my life and I am pleased to be feeding them quality food that is affordable.”  Nerina


“After a little over a week on VSN we knew, our dogs also knew, that there was no going back!
Okay now, shall I tell you about our little problem?
Being of a cautionary type nature, when we made the switch, I made sure that we would have sufficient of the old food left, in case there were any hiccups! Oh shoot, what to do with the ‘left overs’?
Well old Muggins McGinty here, me, myself, I, notably the wise one, I’ll have you know, said, it’s easy, just mix old and new, fifty-fifty, until the old is finished!
What a stroke of genius, nothing could be…… further from the truth!
These dogs of ours have become connoisseurs of nothing but the finest dog food. They hover around their bowls like finely tuned vacuum cleaners that are programmed to pick up only the finest and to leave the rest!
No, you’ve gotta be kidding me, VSN is that good? Well our dogs say that it is. Who am I to argue?
Good luck VSN”    Chris


Hi VSN Team

Like many fur parents, we dreamt of giving our babies only the best nutrition but financially could not afford it and were buying a cheaper alternative.  We knew that it wasn’t the best for our dogs but what could we do?  Proper canine nutrition was simply beyond our financial capabilities.  We want to thank you for bringing VSN to our family.  We can finally afford to give them the nutrition they deserve.

The results speak for themselves.  Well done VSN team!

Bomba and Vida (And mom and dad too)